A History of Potentialities. Oxford, February 28th

On February 28th, I will be at the University of Oxford presenting a paper on the History of Potentialities. I will talk about how the notions of ‘possibility’ and ‘potentiality’ have been constantly reshaped and redefined from ancient philosophy - by Aristotle, the Stoics, the Neoplatonic tradition - up to the early Middle Ages. This seminar will... Continue Reading →

My current research on 12th century logic

My research focuses on medieval theories of modality and modal logic, with a particular attention to 12th century logical debates. My doctoral thesis offers a major reassessment of Peter Abelard’s theory of necessity and possibility, presenting it as being far more uniform and consistent than was until now recognized, and providing a deeper understanding of... Continue Reading →

SILFS Triennal International Conference, Bologna, June 2017.

Giovedì 22 giugno, dalle ore 14.30 alle ore 17.00, si terrà a Bologna il simposio di logica medievale: “Goat-stags, Chimeras and Other Fantastic Creatures. Empty Terms and Existential Import in Medieval Logic“. Il simposio è inserito all’intero della conferenza internazionale SILFS 2017, di cui è possibile consultare l’intero programma online al sito: http://www.silfs.it/silfs-2017-programme/ Qui sotto la descrizione... Continue Reading →

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