Leeds, July 2017. “My future son is possibly alive. Existential import in Abelard’s modal logic”.

  Abstract: The aim of this paper is to investigate the problem of existential import in Abelard’s modal logic, and to ask whether the system of logical relationships that he proposes for modal claims maintains its validity when some of the terms included in these claims are empty. In the following, I first argue that,... Continue Reading →

SILFS Triennal International Conference, Bologna, June 2017.

Giovedì 22 giugno, dalle ore 14.30 alle ore 17.00, si terrà a Bologna il simposio di logica medievale: “Goat-stags, Chimeras and Other Fantastic Creatures. Empty Terms and Existential Import in Medieval Logic“. Il simposio è inserito all’intero della conferenza internazionale SILFS 2017, di cui è possibile consultare l’intero programma online al sito: http://www.silfs.it/silfs-2017-programme/ Qui sotto la descrizione... Continue Reading →

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