A Marie Curie fellowship to investigate the Oxford Calculators’ logic

Outstanding news! My project "Imaginable impossibilities and thought experiments. The tradition of the Oxford Calculators and its influence on early modern logic and natural philosophy" has been awarded a Marie Skłodowska Curie global fellowship. The project will be managed by the University of Parma, under the supervision of Fabrizio Amerini, and in collaboration with the... Continue Reading →

Parma, October 2018. “La distinzione de re/de dicto: una scoperta logica del XII secolo”

Lo staff di Idee In Bozza è lieto di annunciare il primo seminario del ciclo 2018/2019. Prima speaker di questa stagione è Irene Binini (PhD, University of Freiburg/University of Oxford) con un intervento titolato: “La distinzione de re/de dicto: una scoperta logica del XII secolo”. Vi aspettiamo numerosi Lunedì 29 Ottobre presso l'aula A1 del... Continue Reading →

My current research on 12th century logic

My research focuses on medieval theories of modality and modal logic, with a particular attention to 12th century logical debates. My doctoral thesis offers a major reassessment of Peter Abelard’s theory of necessity and possibility, presenting it as being far more uniform and consistent than was until now recognized, and providing a deeper understanding of... Continue Reading →

Parma, March 2018. “Strategie medievali contro il determinismo logico”.

Lunedì 26 marzo, Irene Binini (University of Freiburg) terrà un seminario dal titolo “Strategie medievali contro il determinismo logico”. Il seminario si svolgerà in Aula Frege alle ore h. 12:30. E’ il terzo appuntamento del progetto “IDEE IN BOZZA”, il primo ciclo trasversale di seminari di filosofia organizzato da studenti  e dottorandi dell’Università di Parma. Il calendario di “IDEE IN BOZZA” è reperibile qui. ABSTRACT... Continue Reading →

21st European Symposium on Medieval Logic and Metaphysics. Pisa, June 2016.

A cura di: FABRIZIO AMERINI MASSIMO MUGNAI RICCARDO STROBINO JUNE, 30 THURSDAY 15.00 Opening of the Symposium Welcome of the Director of the Scuola Normale Superiore15.30 CHRISTOPHER MARTIN (Auckland University) Abaelard’s Theories of Wholes and Parts and Some Evidence About Later Developments in the Twelfth Century Schools 16.30 Coffee-break 17.00 STEN EBBESEN (University of Copenhagen) COSTANTINO MARMO (University of... Continue Reading →

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