21st European Symposium on Medieval Logic and Metaphysics. Pisa, June 2016.

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15.00 Opening of the Symposium
Welcome of the Director of the Scuola Normale Superiore15.30
CHRISTOPHER MARTIN (Auckland University)
Abaelard’s Theories of Wholes and Parts and Some Evidence About Later Developments in the Twelfth Century Schools
16.30 Coffee-break
17.00 STEN EBBESEN (University of Copenhagen)
COSTANTINO MARMO (University of Bologna)
Parts and Wholes in Radulphus Brito’s Philosophy

9.00 JOEP LAMEER (Laboratoire SHPERE, Université Paris Diderot)
Ibn Taymiyya against the Logicians an Overrated Bust10.00
IRÈNE ROSIER-CATACH (Université Paris-Diderot)
The ‘Collectio-Theory’ of Universals. Ontology, Semantics and Mereology in the Discussions about Number and Time around William of Champeaux
11.00 Coffee-break
11.15 CATERINA TARLAZZI (Cambridge University)
Collectio-Theories of Universals and Infinite Regress Arguments
12.30 Lunch
15.00 MAGDALENA BIENIAK (University of Warsaw, Instytut Filozofii)
Individuals as Wholes in Gilbert of Poitiers16.00
WOJCIECH WCIÓRKA (Warsaw University)
Material Constitution in Secundum magistrum Petrum sententie
17.00 Coffee-break
17.15 IRENE BININI (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
The Role of differentiae in Abaelard’s Arguments for the Identity and Persistence of Substances

9.00 LUCA GILI (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
Mereological Foundations for Syllogistic10.00
BIANCA BOSMAN (University of Groningen)
Containers and Containees in Medieval Theories of Consequence
11.00 Coffee-break
11.15 RODRIGO GUERIZOLI (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ)
Boethius of Dacia on the Differentiae and the Mereology of Definitions
12.30 Lunch
15.00 PAUL THOM (University of Sydney)
Avicenna’s Mereology of the Predicables16.00
RICCARDO STROBINO (Tufts University)
Inseparability, Containment and Implication: Avicenna’s Account of per se in the Posterior Analytics
17.00 Coffee-break
17.15 CHRISTIAN RODE (University of Bonn)
Thomas Aquinas and Peter of John Olivi on Totality (totalitas)

9.30 ANNA MARMODORO (Oxford University)
The one and many problem of the Trinity in Gregory of Nyssa10.30
MAGALI ROQUES (Université de Genève)
Ockham on Parts and the Continuum
11.30 Coffee-break
11.45 MIKKO YRJONSUURI (University of Helsinki)
Ockham on Syncategorematic Parts of Words
13.00 Lunch
Afternoon free
20.00 Conference Dinner

10.00 CORNELIA SCHOECK (University of Bochum)
Part-Part Relation (Paradigm) in Arabic Medieval Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric
11.00 Coffee-break
11.15 GRAZIANA CIOLA (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
Inferences a toto ad partem and a parte ad totum in Marsilius of Inghen’s Consequentiae
12.30 Lunch
15.00 ALFRED VAN DER HELM (Leiden University)
Part-Whole in Thomas Manlevelt16.00
HARALD BERGER (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz)
Albert of Saxony on Parts and Wholes
17.00 Coffee-break
17.15 CALVIN NORMORE (University of California, Los Angeles)
The Thing Its Parts Are: Living without the forma totius

9.00 LAURENT CESALLI (University of Genève)
Collectives in Late Medieval Semantics and Ontology
10.00 ALLAN BÄCK (Kutztown University)
Reduplicative Parts
11.00 Coffee-break
11.15 ALESSANDRO CONTI (University of L’Aquila)
Parts and Wholes in Paul of Venice’s Expositio super Universalia Porphyrii et Artem Veterem Aristotelis
12.15 Conclusion of the Symposium
Future contingents

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